Andrea Wolfe is an artist who is inspired by love and energy in the world and the people around her. She loves sunrises, sunsets, shimmering water, breaking waves, and all things that sparkle. She loves to dance, to give and receive hugs, and is known to ask, “So, what’s your story?”

Born and raised in the Niagara Region, she is a true border town girl with a love for the Great Lakes and rivers. She lived in several cities in Ontario before becoming a 1000 Islands girl.  Her career as a Visual Merchandiser in all areas of retail has encouraged her to become an entrepreneur and use her skills to help other people achieve their goals.

Her involvement in special events and fundraising is how she enjoys connecting with diverse people to celebrate the human spirit.

She began to develop her Energy Art as a form of meditation and aspires to capture the energetic essence of life. She is the Author/Illustrator of a book titled “If the Moon Was a Heart”. It asks people from 1 – 100 to ponder the question:  What is the power of Love?

“I would love to hear your interpretation of my art”

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