Energy Art is a depiction of energy using colour, form and composition to create intuitive and expressive works that resonate with impact and feeling. Some feel energy is a connection with another human or situation. My intention is to capture the energetic essence of life. I began this style of art as a form of meditation, placing my thoughts on a person, place or event.

When it is working, you completely go into another place, you’re tapping into things that are totally universal, completely beyond your ego and your own self.

– Keith Haring


Canvas prints are created when an image is printed onto a canvas, stretched onto a wooden frame, and then hand detail. Affordable pricing in custom size fits your space. (example 20” X 20” hand detailed canvas print is$150)


A personal gift- energy portraits capture a person’s essence.

ENERGY PORTRAIT is a one of a kind, created exclusively for you. Each painting is created from a meditative space of love. My intention is to capture the energy of your spirit, making what is invisible, visible- allowing you to see the beautiful soul I see when I paint. No one in the universe is quite like you, there is magic inside you that wants to be seen.

$160 for an original 20×20 canvas. (other sizes available)

LIVING ART PORTRAIT of you or loved one. A living work of art portrait is available for clients, art installations and businesses. You will supply your own clothing unless I have something available that works for the theme. I would like to create something that shines your personality and style.

$300 for a session- 6 photos in a web version and a print version. The print version can be printed on canvas by your favorite Print Centre.


Media posts, content, product display and images, posters.

A strategic brand management professional I have the skills and knowledge to identifying industry and market trends and create marketing and branding that influences commerce.



Author and Illustrator of If the Moon was a Heart 2013 and Illustrator of children’s book Claude the Frog 2019.

Claude the Frog-This sweet, fun, modern folktale, takes a look at being different, and being happy. Claude is a special frog. While growing up, the other frogs would tease him and didn’t like playing games with him. Claude didn’t let their teasing get him down because his mother told him that someday he would find his happy place. One day Claude sets off to find his destiny.

If the Moon was a Heart– Asks the question: What is the power of Love? The inspiring story and colourful images encourage conversation and the sharing of thoughts, ideas and hope.


Living art, books on video and speed art.


A Brockville artist inspired by life and love.

By Todd Moe (Weekday Morning Host and Producer), in Brockville, Ontario

NPR Interview

Well Being & Women Event by Tanya Hammond writetime.ca

I reserve the copyrights to my artwork, therefore I am entitled to use the produced images for prints, social media, webpages, gallery exhibits and other promotional tools. Anything used at a larger capacity (poster and merchandise for sale) the subject would be contacted for future legal arrangements.